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Vuanem – Facebook Ads


Vuanem Case Study – Facebook Ads

How Vuanem achieved a 1,348% return on investment in less than 2 months



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The Challenge

Vuanem, the largest mattress retailer in Vietnam with a robust network of over 60 physical locations and an online store, faced a formidable challenge. Despite their extensive reach, online sales remained a significant hurdle.

 Their previous collaboration with another agency had yielded less-than-satisfactory results, prompting them to seek a solution. They were determined to scale their e-commerce operations after previous unsuccessful attempts.

Our Approach & Strategy

We embarked on a comprehensive approach, leveraging our proprietary methodology and process. Our first step involved identifying key customer avatars and crafting compelling selling points tailored to each one. We implemented a full-funnel strategy to optimize the customer journey.

Upon assuming control of the account, it became evident that audience structuring and creative strategies were suboptimal. Audiences ranged from overly broad to excessively narrow, and remarketing efforts lacked precision. Creatives fell short in their optimization for social media, failing to effectively convey the company’s unique value proposition to the target audience.

Our methodology came into play once again, focusing on identifying key customer avatars and refining selling points for each one. Additionally, we set up a comprehensive graduation testing framework to swiftly pinpoint winning segments, creatives, angles, and algorithmic bidding strategies.

Subsequently, we employed our customized scaling process to vertically expand across diverse market segments. Leveraging social proof and utilizing messenger ads (tailored to the Vietnamese market conditions) became integral components of our strategy.



In just two months, we catapulted Vuanem from zero to ₫1,786,657,176 in sales, achieving an astounding ROI of 1,348%.


The results were nothing short of amazing. We faced a tight timeframe for achieving our goals, and we witnessed an extraordinary 1,300% ROI.
Mark P.
Vuanem, the largest mattress retailer in Vietnam.

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