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Turned Yellow – Google & Facebook Ads

  1. Problem

How we 5X the revenue for Turned Yellow using FB & Google Ads

American custom caricature brand


+ 500 %

Growth in revenue

  1. Challenge

The Challenge

The client was in a highly competitive and saturated market. Constant price wars have resulted in stagnation and little to no growth.

Every time the client tried to scale, they would take a massive hit on profitability. There was a lack of clear strategic structure and creatives strategy.

  1. Approach & Strategy

We took over the account and immediately started to identify bottlenecks to growth.

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The creatives were overused and outdated, there was no real strategic thinking put into their funnel and testing strategy. For Google, some keywords were inefficiently wasting the budget, etc.

After we went through our intensive market research process. We set up our creatives testing system and combined it with our unique 3 Point Scaling System.

We combined this with continuous testing, iteration, and funnel improvements while simultaneously scaling the account.

The results were amazing, with 5x growth in 3 months…

  1. Results



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