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  1. Problem

How Subway increased their offline sales by 26% in numerous locations

Subway Mauritius was looking to increase sales and launch a new Signature Wrap.


+ 26 %

increase in offline sales

  • Challenge

The Challenge

Since all of the transactions happen offline, a big issue was that they were getting a lot of engagement and visibility on the ads, BUT not actually seeing that convert into increased sales.

  1. Approach & Strategy

We created a custom strategy to use our adspend in order to maximise people visiting the physical location closest to them.

This included:

Personalized and localized content

Smart highly segmented targeting and timing

Outside-the-box creative strategy (i.e. using e-com style ads + memes etc.)

4. Results


A 26% increase in sales compared to the exact same time period in the previous year (with the same exact number of locations).

  1. Testimonial

“We made around 26% incremental increase in revenue compared to last year. Campaigns are extremely well thought-out and strategic. Positive ROI. Definitely recommended, probably one of the best FB/IG ads experts.”

Hassam R.