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CASE STUDY Case Study – Facebook Ads

How went from making $14,904 to $252,384 in a 6 month period using Facebook Ads


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The Challenge, a Swiss company specializing in selling devices both online and through physical locations across Switzerland, faced a formidable challenge. While their brand was well-known for devices within Switzerland, they struggled to achieve satisfactory results and scale their online sales through paid advertising.

 Their Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) remained low, even with lower spending levels, and a clear advertising strategy was elusive.

Our Approach & Strategy

Upon taking control of the account, it became evident that a clear path to success was lacking.

From a marketing perspective, they weren’t effectively guiding customers through the customer journey. On a technical level, they weren’t harnessing the power of the Facebook algorithm through proper segmentation, graduation testing, and both vertical and horizontal scaling. The creatives were outdated and ineffective, and the marketing angles used were untested.

Our transformative process commenced with in-depth market research, allowing us to develop key customer avatars for precise targeting.

The next crucial step was the definition of a comprehensive strategy for engaging with each segment of the target audience. This involved creating highly compelling creatives.

We then implemented our customized full-funnel strategy, meticulously guiding visitors through the customer journey. We conducted rigorous testing of different creatives, angles, audiences, bid strategies, and campaign structures at each stage.



Ad Spend: $7,281

Total Sales: $14,904

ROAS: 2.05


Ad Spend: $48,194

Total Sales: $252,384

ROAS: 5.24


In just 3 months of optimization, Eroslav achieved an astounding ROI of about 500% for us.

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