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Lounge Life – Facebook Ads


Lounge Life Case Study- Facebook Ads

How we tripled the sales of Lounge Life in just 3 months while spending less money on ads.

Lounge Life


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The Challenge

Amid the onset of the serious coronavirus pandemic, with extended delays in supplier deliveries from China and global lockdowns, Lounge Life, an Australian furniture brand, faced a critical juncture.

The impact was dire, leading to layoffs and cost-cutting measures. It became imperative to engineer a substantial sales boost within the next quarter.

Our Approach & Strategy

Taking charge, we embarked on a comprehensive account audit, swiftly identifying significant gaps requiring attention. The tracking setup was far from optimal, the account structure inefficient, and the creatives in need of rejuvenation. Our action plan took shape. First, we meticulously established the correct conversions and tracking parameters. For instance, recognizing that numerous sales came from phone inquiries, we ensured the “Contact” pixel conversion triggered when users clicked on the phone number on the site. This enriched the pixel with high-quality data, enabling campaign optimization based on this information. Subsequently, we initiated a complete revamp of the campaign structure and creative strategy. With careful planning and the implementation of our proprietary and innovative Top Notch Media Buying Process (we’re still working on a new name), coupled with fresh, distinctive creatives and adherence to our custom optimization strategy, the outcomes were astounding.



In the first month of our collaboration, the client expended nearly $63,000 to secure $169,000 in revenue, reflecting a ROAS of 2.69.

After Working with Us (1)

Despite reducing ad spend due to logistical constraints, within a mere 3 months and an expenditure of $44,000, we achieved $539,000 in sales, boasting a remarkable ROAS of 12.31.

After Working with Us (2)

Since the inception of our engagement, we’ve orchestrated the generation of almost $3.8 million in sales for the client, maintaining an impressive average ROAS of 9.19.


Since beginning work together, we’ve scaled from $100,000 in sales to $1,060,000 in sales at over 5.5 ROAS


I'm extremely pleased with the results delivered by Eri. The campaigns are meticulously designed and flawlessly executed. I wholeheartedly recommend them to any business owner seeking substantial business growth.
Matt A.
Lounge Life

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