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Living Lights – Facebook Ads


Living Lights Case Study – Facebook Ads

How we scaled Living Lights by 874% in 4 months.

Living Lights


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The Challenge

Living Lights, an Australian brand specializing in home light decoration products, faced a significant challenge. While they enjoyed success on Etsy, they encountered hurdles when attempting to diversify their sales channels, especially on platforms like Shopify.

Relying solely on marketplace platforms posed limitations and risked their business’s control and scalability. Their efforts to expand onto Shopify and utilize Facebook Ads yielded unprofitable results, with monthly earnings plateauing at less than $5,000.

Our Approach & Strategy

Taking charge of the account, we initiated a comprehensive audit to identify focal points for improvement.

Our analysis revealed that the creatives lacked dynamism and imagination, and the audience segmentation and funnel strategy needed enhancement. To better understand the ideal customer avatars, we delved into customer reviews and extensively interviewed the client.

Following this research and analysis phase, we crafted entirely fresh creatives and marketing angles tailored to align with the mindset and awareness levels at each stage of the customer journey.

Our full-funnel strategy, supported by graduation testing, enabled us to scale horizontally and aggressively across diverse market segments.

Simultaneously, we conducted a thorough audit of the site and funnel, providing the client with key recommendations to boost conversion rates and extract more sales from existing traffic.

Our established process for setting up and optimizing email marketing campaigns, including welcome flows, post-purchase flows, browse abandonment flows, and abandoned cart flows, was also put into practice.

The transformation stemmed from a combination of factors: a more cohesive advertising strategy, an enhanced conversion-focused website, and email marketing flows meticulously designed to maximize customer value.



The month preceding our collaboration.


In just three months, we achieved a remarkable 874% growth in the business, maintaining profitability.


We further elevated the Website purchase ROAS to 4.31.


I am genuinely satisfied with their work. My business is experiencing growth beyond my wildest expectations. I wholeheartedly recommend collaborating with Eri and his team.
Tom McKillop
Living Lights

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