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Karma & Luck – Facebook Ads


Karma & Luck Case Study - Facebook Ads

Scaling a Jewelry brand account from $43,242 to over $326,310 monthly sales in just 6 months.

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The Challenge

An American jewelry brand faced a significant challenge – they were operating multiple ad accounts with multiple agencies, lacking a clear structure and overarching scaling strategy.

Growth was falling short of the client’s expectations, and sales exhibited fluctuation. Every attempt to scale further led to a decline in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and a significant drop in profitability.

Our Approach & Strategy

Stepping in, we assumed control of the account and initiated an intensive audit process. Our approach commenced with a thorough analysis of market conditions and competitors. Subsequently, we evaluated product performance at both the individual and aggregate levels, complemented by a deep dive into customer reviews from the client and their competitors. This data-driven approach allowed us to establish key messaging points.


Following the initial market research and audit phase, we introduced our unique 3 Point DTC scaling system. We took the bold step of launching a new ad account from the ground up.

Leveraging the insights garnered during the market research phase and employing our innovative 3-Point Scaling System™, we began identifying profitable segments and approaches. This process was further enhanced as we built out our comprehensive full-funnel system.


After just 5 months we had scaled from $43,242 at 1.52 ROAS to over $326,310 at 2.49 ROAS.


Ad Spend: $28,386.22

ROAS: 1.52

Total Sales: $43,242.11


Ad Spend: $131,038.08

ROAS: 2.49

Total Sales: $326,310.13


I have immense appreciation for Er because of his unwavering commitment to our success and his outstanding service. I wholeheartedly recommend him to any brand aiming to elevate their business.
Mor M
Karma & Luck

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