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Famme – Facebook Ads


Famme Case Study – Facebook Ads

How Famme went from relying mainly on B2B to being able to generate more than 900% ROI selling B2C with Facebook Ads in just 45 days.


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The Challenge

Famme, a Norwegian e-commerce brand specializing in women’s sportswear, faced a significant challenge. They heavily relied on B2B sales, catering to distributors and resellers. The bulk of their business stemmed from these B2B transactions. However, this presented several issues. Their profit margins on each product were significantly smaller, and some resellers were heavily discounting their products, tarnishing their brand image. Moreover, one of their largest buyers was poised to discontinue their purchases, resulting in a substantial revenue loss. It was imperative to establish a profitable and scalable B2C sales channel.

Their past B2C sales primarily relied on offering discount codes via Instagram DMs, a strategy that had negative repercussions on their brand and was unsustainable as it conditioned customers to expect discounts.

The solution lay in harnessing the power of Facebook and Instagram ads.

Our Approach & Strategy

We leveraged our in-house process to swiftly identify and set up highly profitable audiences.

Our custom methodology involved identifying key customer avatars, developing persuasive selling points for each avatar, adapting the message to align with the global situation, and establishing a comprehensive full-funnel strategy.

It became crucial to infuse emotional elements with technical aspects, such as the quality and softness of the fabric, to craft highly effective ads.

We continuously tested, optimized, and aggressively scaled when others hesitated due to the global recession triggered by COVID-19. Our custom scaling process allowed us to rapidly expand both vertically and horizontally across diverse market segments.



Starting from zero, they generated €47,160 in just 6 weeks, achieving an impressive 907% ROI.


In a mere 6 weeks, we set up and scaled campaigns to generate over 900% ROI, resulting in €47,200 in sales from a €5,200 ad spend.


Beyond the substantial profitability, our client gained confidence in selling directly to consumers, liberating them from reliance on distributors and resellers that eroded margins and devalued their brand.


In just 6 weeks, they expertly set up and scaled our campaigns, delivering over 900% ROI.

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