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Cleverfox – Shopify Website

  1. Problem

How we improved the conversion rate of this Shopify store by 29%

Ecommerce brand selling planners online.


+ 29 %

Improved conversion rate

  1. Challenge

The Challenge

Our client was mainly selling on Amazon, and a portion of the sales were coming from their Shopify store. However, their Shopify store was very stale, boring, and unimaginative. The user experience was very lacking and because of that, the conversion rate was much lower than what’s possible.

  1. Approach & Strategy

We started identifying where the key choke points were..where people were losing interest and leaving..and where we had to improve. We used Shopify’s functionality to implement these changes and also configure the relevant apps that would get us to the desired result.

We also implemented some key changes from a marketing perspective to be able to streamline the funnel of our client. Changes such as adding more social proof, reducing the path to purchase, making it easier to go through the checkout process etc.

We also researched some of the key competitors in order to learn what worked and what didn’t work in this specific niche. This gave us some great ideas how to improve on what the competitors were doing beat them.

  1. Results

Overall, the conversion rate jumped from 1.65% to 2.13% after we went live with the new version of the store.

The conversion rate increased by 29% since the new version was published

Sales went up by 52% with only a slight increase in traffic

The Returning Customer rate increased to 28.52% in the first month of the new website

Screenshot from October 29th to December 13th, compared with the previous period.

5. Testimonial

“They completely revamped our Shopify store. Our conversion rate increased by 29%, sales went up by 52% with just a slight increase in traffic. I would highly recommend working with Eri for your ecommerce brand.”


Co Founder of Cleverfox Customer Value Optimisation