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Cable Pro – Facebook Ads

  1. Problem

How we increased the profits of Cable Pro by 31% in 4 weeks using our unique AI driven Creatives Strategy

American e-commerce brand specialising in home workout equipment


131 %

ROAS growth

128 %

sales growth

  1. Challenge

The Challenge

Our client was struggling to increase sales without decreasing profitability. His previous agency had been working on the store for 12 months with no significant results. The client was getting frustrated at the lack of progress, that’s when he decided to contact Eri.

  1. Approach & Strategy

Full Creatives Analysis and Overhaul

The first action we did when we took over the store was a full analysis of the creative performance for the past year. We found that although there were some creatives which had shown promise, there were no clear winners that would allow for scaling without losing profitability.

We analyzed the breakdown in audience retention and established a starting point for our creative strategy. After that we used our unique AI driven creative process and combined it with our expertise to quickly and efficiently identify the highest leverage creative styles to test.

We did 2 rounds of testing until we discovered extremely high performing creatives, much higher than anything seen before on the account. We iterated from the successful creatives and continued to create more winning creatives while increasing the budget.

  1. Results

What to look for:

Total Spent ($11,681) + Total ROAS (1.80)

What to look for:

Total Spent ($12,781) + Total ROAS (2.34)


Higher spend and a 131% increase in ROAS in just 4 weeks.


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