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Anura and Orange Trail: The Sky’s the Limit for Paid Search and Social Ads

Anura and Orange Trail: The Sky’s the Limit for Paid Search and Social Ads

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“Your account has been suspended.”

These are five of the most dreaded words for digital marketers, and they can come at any time, for what seems like no reason. Whether it’s an inadvertent policy violation, payment issues, or account security concerns, having your digital advertising account suspended can cause a serious threat to your business until you can get the situation resolved, if that’s even possible.

“You’re losing thousands of dollars to ad fraud.”

You won’t see these words pop up on your ad manager account, but it is another dreaded phrase for any digital advertiser. Ad fraud happens in many different ways, on any paid digital ad platform. Approximately 25% of all ad traffic is fraudulent. Until you can get to the root of the problem and stop the fraudulent traffic, ad fraud is another serious threat to your business and your advertising budget.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to ensure your ad account won’t get suspended, that you won’t have to worry about spending limits, and that you’re not wasting your money on fraudulent traffic? We thought so, too, so we’re excited to partner with Orange Trail to help online marketers get better results and scale their social and Google ads without bans.

What Are Some of the Challenges Marketers Face on Advertising Platforms?

Each platform has its own set of complicated policies and guidelines in place to protect the platform, advertisers, and consumers. Last year, Google alone suspended close to 13 million advertiser accounts, nearly twice the number suspended in 2022. Many of these suspensions were likely due to serious violations, but because policies are so complex even legitimate advertisers can unintentionally violate a policy that can lead to an account suspension. A suspension can be appealed but the process is lengthy, and some advertisers may be unable to recover their accounts, meaning they can no longer get their messages out to their target audience.

Orange Trail is an official agency partner for many popular advertising platforms, including Google, Facebook, TikTok, Snap and X. Orange Trail maintains solid relationships with all its partner platforms and employs a compliance team available to all customers to ensure ads and ad account activity meet the platforms’ guidelines.

Another challenge that advertisers face is spending limits. Advertisers new to a platform are usually given a rather low spending limit. Over time, assuming there are no red flags on your account, your limit will likely increase but there will always be a spending cap. This becomes an issue for advertisers who are ready to enter a new market, promote a time-sensitive product or offer, or want to increase their spending because their current campaign has generated a sizable number of leads or conversions, and they want to capitalize on that momentum.

This situation is exactly where our new partnership comes into play. Advertisers who work with Orange Trail enjoy unlimited spending limits so they can scale their advertising, and their companies’ growth, while staying compliant with each platform. By layering a tech stack adding in Anura’s Search and Social ProtectTM with the Orange Trail platform, customers can be assured that the traffic and the results their campaigns are generating are real.  

Faster, Higher, Stronger — Together

Spending more on paid and social ads doesn’t guarantee more positive results for advertisers; in fact, an increase in spending will most likely lead to your ads being seen by more bots or fraudulent visitors than by the real humans you’re trying to reach.

Digital advertisers are not only frustrated by spending limits, but they are also becoming increasingly defeated with wasted ad dollars, ineffective campaigns with decreased ROI, and e-commerce chargebacks as a result of fraudulent purchases.

A proven, certified ad fraud solution like Anura protects advertisers from search, social, and retargeting fraud, ensuring that your ads will only be served to actual humans who have a need or interest in your products or services so that your increased spending is not wasted. How do we do it? By combining machine learning and artificial intelligence, combined with human expertise and years of experience, to identify and stop fraudulent traffic, whether that traffic is from sophisticated bots, malware, or human fraud farms.

While Orange Trail helps customers stay compliant with the policies and guidelines that advertising platforms establish, Anura helps advertisers stay compliant with TCPA regulations. By ensuring that your ad traffic is real, and that a real human completed a contact form, advertisers are protected from the costly fines and possible lawsuits that TCPA violations can cause.

By tech stacking Orange Trail and Anura it’s a win-win for advertisers. Together, we can help you confidently scale your paid and social advertising campaigns without spending limits, and with reduced compliance risk. You’ll see more leads and conversions with fewer fake leads, and ecommerce customers will benefit from an increase in transactions with fewer chargebacks.

Already an Orange Trail customer? We have a special offer for you! Learn more about it here.

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