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Karma & Luck – Google Ads


Karma & Luck Case Study – Google Ads

How we scaled non-branded Google Ads sales for this brand by 678% in just 2 months

Karma & Luck


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The Challenge

Karma & Luck, an American brand specializing in jewelry within the spirituality niche, encountered a substantial challenge. While they operated across various channels and traffic sources, their online traffic was predominantly driven by Facebook, with Google significantly lagging behind.

A major concern was that the majority of Google Ads sales stemmed from branded searches (people specifically searching for their company name), which meant these sales might have occurred naturally. To achieve consistent and predictable growth, it was crucial to run profitable ads targeting cold traffic across diverse traffic sources. This was the challenge we undertook.

Our Approach & Strategy

We transitioned from solely relying on branded campaigns to implementing a comprehensive, funnel-based marketing strategy that encompassed Shopping, Display, Video, and Search Ads.

With the assistance of DataFeedWatch, we optimized the product feed and launched competitive Shopping ads across various Google placements.

In the Display category, we initially concentrated on remarketing efforts and gradually ascended the funnel with fresh creatives and review-based advertisements. For the Search campaigns, we recognized that relying solely on branded campaigns wouldn’t suffice. Thus, we devised a new, robust structure based on the product feed and dynamic site categories.

Within the first 30 days, we successfully optimized ads to meet the desired Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) goals and achieved sales growth.

Subsequently, we shifted our focus to awareness and reach campaigns, deploying custom-made videos and informative creatives to attract and convert new customers. Leveraging the wealth of data at our disposal, we crafted various personas to target.

As our campaigns consistently delivered favorable results month after month, we introduced new campaigns aimed at boosting awareness and brand recognition. These campaigns were subsequently used as remarketing audiences for our sales and new arrival ads.



Ad Spend: $4,720

ROAS: 3.05

Total Sales: $14,400


Ad Spend: $17,300

ROAS: 9.66

Total Sales: $167,000


In just two months, revenue from non-branded keyword campaigns skyrocketed by nearly sevenfold, and the ROAS more than doubled.


The results have surpassed my expectations. Sales are on the rise, particularly non-branded keyword sales, which is of paramount importance.
Mor M
Karma & Luck

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