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Joolca Case Study

  1. Problem

How we scaled Joolca from $100,000 to $1,060,000 per month in sales

Australian e-commerce brand specialising in the outdoors niche.


5.5 +

average ROAS

10 x

growth in sales

  1. Challange

The Challenge

Our client was working with another agency, however the other agency had coasted and was not really putting in the effort to properly optimize and grow the account.

Profitability was lower than then the client would have liked and the agency wasn’t putting in too much effort in improving the situation.

They had tried to scale a few times, however every time they tried doing so, the results of the campaign went down and their profits decreased.


We took over the account and immediately started noticing some key areas to be improved.

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We noticed that the creatives were too static and unimaginative and the audiences segmentation and funnel strategy was not up to par.

We looked at customer reviews and interviewed the client extensively to get inside of the mind of the ideal customer avatars.

After the research and analysis stage, we developed completely new creatives and marketing angles that matched the mindset and level of awareness at each stage of the customer journey.

We conducted our full funnel strategy with graduation testing and scaled horizontally and aggressively across the different market segments.

In parallel to our ad strategy. We audited the site and funnel, and provided the client with key recommendations to increase their conversion rate & generate more sales from their existing traffic.

We also implemented our tried and tested process of setting up and optimizing email marketing campaigns that convert. This included welcome flows, post-purchase flows, browse abandonment flows, and abandoned cart flows.

The key pillars that resulted in change were a combination of a much more cohesive Ad strategy, a higher converting website, and email marketing flows that maximized customer value.

  1. Before&After

Scaling up sales in a completely new market.. (USA)

Scaling up sales in the home market (Australia)

What to look for:

AU Account Spend + Purchase ROAS – Before Starting (21 months up until starting) – 4.50 ROAS

What to look for:

AU Account Spend + Purchase ROAS (21 months after starting) – 9.47 ROAS


since beginning work together, we’ve scaled from $100,000 in sales to $1,060,000 in sales at over 5.5 ROAS

  1. Testimonials

“Eroslav and his team were fantastic to work with. Strategic thinkers able to develop highly profitable and scalable campaigns.

When we started working together, our online sales were about $100,000… in the last 30 days our online sales are $1,060,000.

If you’re looking for help scaling your e-commerce brand profitably, I highly recommend working with them.”

Chris S.

Marketing Director, Joolca

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