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Elite Cabinet – FB & GOOGLE ADS


Elite Cabinet Case Study – Facebook & Google Ads

How Elite Cabinet Coatings achieved a 983% return on investment in less than 3 months

Elite Cabinet


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The Challenge

Elite Cabinet Coatings, a local business in Orlando specializing in kitchen cabinet refacing and refinishing, faced a significant challenge. Their primary reliance on lead aggregator websites and referrals to acquire customers proved to be unreliable and inconsistent.

For any business, achieving a consistent and predictable flow of leads is essential. They had previously attempted Facebook Ads but struggled to generate meaningful leads and sales.

Our Approach & Strategy

We embarked on a journey to construct a highly effective lead generation system for Elite Cabinet Coatings using our impactful testing and optimization framework.

Every element, from the ads to the landing pages and content, was meticulously designed and executed. What set us apart was our commitment to continuous testing and optimization, ensuring that the system evolved and improved continuously.


In just three months, with a total ad spend of only $11,637…

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