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Elite Cabinet – FB & GOOGLE ADS

  1. Problem

How Elite Cabinet Coatings achieved a 983% return on investment in less than 3 months

Local business in Orlando specialising in Kitchen cabinet refacing and refinishing.


+ 983 %

return on investment

$ 120,000

generated in sales

2. Challenge

The Challenge

Mainly relying on lead aggregator sites and referrals to get customers. The issues was that it was sometimes unreliable and inconsistent.

As a business, you want to have a consistent and predictable flow of leads.

They had tried FB Ads before we started working together., but they couldn’t get any meaningful leads and sales from FB ads.

3. Approach & Strategy

Using our high impact testing and optimisation framework, we constructed a fully functional lead generation system for them.

The ads, the landing pages, the content. Not only that, we continuously tested and optimized the system for them.

4. Results

In 3 months we spent just $11,637…

5. Testimonial

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