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  1. Problem

How we tripled the size of this Brazilian online education company using Facebook Ads

Brazilian online education company.


+ 300 %

Increase in revenue

  • Challenge

The Challenge

Awari is an online education platform teaching students the skills needed to get a job in different fields such as Data Science, UX Design, UI Design, etc.

Their only student acquisition channel is Facebook Ads. They were really struggling to grow profitably and predictably with Facebook Ads.

Every time they tried to scale, their cost per acquiring a student would skyrocket.

They were stuck and didn’t know what to do…

  • Approach & Strategy

We conducted a deep audit of the account and immediately spotted some major gaps that needed to be fixed.

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The tracking setup was not optimal, the account structure was inefficient, and creatives needed a refresh….so we got to work.

The first step was making sure that we set up all the correct conversions and tracking parameters. For example, since the funnel mainly involved people scheduling a call, we made sure that the pixel conversion for “Schedule Appointment” was configured properly.

After that, we executed a complete overhaul of the campaign structure and creative strategy. Through careful planning, we implemented our secret unique Top Notch Media Buying Process (we’re still working on a new name).

That, combined with unique new creatives and following our custom optimization strategy resulted in… well, check out the next section to see the results.

Sneak peek:

take a look at one of Awari’s ads

4. Results

After working with us:

The business grew 3x over the time period of just 3 months.

5. Testimonial

“They’ve done an incredible job in helping us scale. Our revenue grew by 300%. Highly recommended.”


CEO, Awari.

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