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Awari Case Study – Facebook Ads

How we tripled the size of this Brazilian online education company using Facebook Ads



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The Challenge

Awari, a Brazilian online education company, faced a significant challenge. Their platform offered students the opportunity to acquire essential skills for various career fields, including Data Science, UX Design, UI Design, and more. However, their sole student acquisition channel relied on Facebook Ads, and they encountered a daunting problem.

Despite their efforts to grow profitably and consistently through Facebook Ads, they faced a recurring issue. Whenever they attempted to scale, their cost per student acquisition skyrocketed, leaving them in a challenging and perplexing situation.

Our Approach & Strategy

To address these challenges, we embarked on an extensive audit of their account, identifying critical gaps that needed immediate attention.

Our first task was to optimize the tracking setup, ensuring that all conversion events and tracking parameters were correctly configured. Given that the core of their funnel involved scheduling appointments, we paid meticulous attention to setting up the pixel conversion for “Schedule Appointment.”

We then executed a comprehensive overhaul of the campaign structure and creative strategy. Through meticulous planning and implementation of our unique and effective Top-Notch Media Buying Process (still working on a new name for it), we introduced fresh and distinctive creatives. This was complemented by our tailored optimization strategy.


After working with us: In just three months, Awari achieved extraordinary growth, tripling their business’s size.


They have performed exceptionally well in assisting us with scaling our operations. Our revenue has surged by a remarkable 300%. I wholeheartedly recommend their services.
CEO of Awari

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